Hardwood Flooring in Houston, TX

In the kitchen, wood floors can help achieve a dramatic effect. For example, a dark-stained wood that matches the center island can offset the cabinetry made of a different species, creating the perfect balance of a natural setting with noticeable accents. When you come to Robert’s, we can help you choose the perfect flooring materials to suit the look of your home or business.

When choosing a wood floor, many homeowners consider the various types of American hardwoods – maple, pecan/hickory, oak and cherry, just to name a few. Flooring can come prefinished or be finished on-site, however, flooring that is factory-finished is usually easier on your budget, as installation is less labor-intensive.

Depending on the desired effect, homeowners can choose a clear, light, medium or dark stain. The majority of today's residential hardwood floors have a urethane finish, which protects the surface from moisture, dirt, and wear and tear, and has made the job of maintaining the floor a much easier task.
Hardwood Species
Hardwood Flooring in Houston, TX
One of the most amazing things about hardwood flooring is the vast selection you have at your disposal.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to hardwood floors because of the various species of wood.  Some are darker in color, some lighter. Some have exotic wood grain patterns and others are more linear or consistent. No matter what kind of theme the style of your room is, chances are there is a floor that will complement it. Rely on us to help you find the perfect flooring solution!
More Types To Pick From
When you pick hardwood flooring for your house, there are other factors to consider besides the exact type of wood you want. You also have to take into consideration if you want a finished or unfinished floor and solid or engineered floor. 

Unfinished Wood Flooring:
This is a great option when you are planning to add a custom finish of your own or you want to match the existing color of an existing floor. Installing unfinished wood to later be finished is a great idea if you are using this flooring in the kitchen as your finish will seep into the spaces around the wood and into the cracks of the wood, thus preventing water and moisture from getting into any space.

Finished Wood Flooring:
With pre-finished wood flooring, you are ready to walk on it immediately after installation. There is no extra time spent having to stain the wood and deal with fumes. This is a great option if you are eager to get into your new home or you want a quick flooring remodeling job done so you can get back to your normal everyday life with less time spent on the process!

Solid Wood Flooring:
Solid wood flooring can vary from 3/4 inches to 5/16 inches thick. This allows for the floor to be sanded and refinished several times throughout the life of the floor. This is good if you want to remodel and change the style of your floor after a few years.

Engineered Wood Flooring:
Don't be fooled by the name! This floor is still real wood. However, it is made using multiple wood composite veneers. The wood grain of each veneer runs in different directions to help reduce the amount of expanding during fluctuations due to humidity and temperature. This increases floor stability.

Follow These Simple Tips When Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

• Don't Damp Mop
• New Construction - lay heavy cardboard sheets or heavy paper down over your floors while workers are still in the house
• Vacuum Regularly
• Use the Proper Chair Glides
• Refrain From Using Oil Soaps
• Never Wax a Urethane Floor
• Wipe Up Spills Immediately After They Occur

If you’d like to learn more about your new vinyl surface, be sure to visit the following resource. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, all you have to do is contact one of our friendly representatives. We’re always standing by to serve your needs. 
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